The truth about little boys…

The truth about little boys…

A tornado is a mobile, destructive vortex of violently rotating winds often having the appearance… of a 5-year-old little boy

These youngsters look cute and innocent, but don’t be fooled… They are fallen angels; angels who were expelled from heaven. This says it all.

Early on in life, wise people realize that some things are better enjoyed from a distance. In the Yellowstone National Park for instance, some visitors seeking unusual photo opportunities often ignore that advice. They come very close to the animals… forgetting that these peaceful looking beasts are wild.

Considering that the average weight of a male human being is around 170 pounds, and that a male buffalo can be up to 2,000 pounds, you would think that it would be prudent to keep a safe distance from it. But visitors cannot resist the attraction of the beasts; they come too close. They forget that an annoyed bison could easily toss any interloper up to 10 feet in the air.

In a certain way, a 40 pounds little boy can be like a bison. It is safer to enjoy him from a distance. But small children and animals are so darn appealing, that it is very difficult to avoid being pulled in their spellbinding orbit.

Grandparents whose immunity system has already been weakened with age are especially vulnerable to their spell. Despite their best efforts, they find it nearly impossible to say “no” to them.
Little boys are “touche-à-tout” (touch everything). Their insatiable curiosity drives them to touch and often take apart any unusual object, and I have a few of them in my office.

Grand-parents’ dwellings are generally not child-proof and are therefore vulnerable to sudden raids. Articles will suddenly disappear and remain hidden for a while. They will be found a few days later in some unusual places.

Computers can also be very appealing targets. Although many toddlers cannot yet read, today they handle a computer with the dexterity of a NASCAR driver.

“Toddlers take half an hour to get a pair of shoes on but can open 5 apps, delete your photos, and call your boss all within 16 seconds.” ~Internet meme

But you can also learn from children. They will help you to discover how much patience you have in you. And if need be, they will teach you how to remain stoical under duress.

Little boys are made invulnerable by their magical charm. It is impossible not to like them, especially when they give you so much unaffected love.

As a new Goliath, I thought that I could easily defeat little David, but I was mistaken. The little guy won by a mile and I am now totally under his control. I might even need some help to escape his magic embrace.

Beware of little boys. The little scamps will steal your heart and have you eating in the palm of their hands in absolutely no time.


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