Freedom is not safe

Many Americans don’t seem to a have a good grip on the concept of freedom. I suspected that much for a long time, and my feeling was finally fully validated last year.

2020 will be remembered as the year of the pandemic, a disease prevalent all over the world. Covid-19 is an insidious enemy, invisible, highly contagious and deadly. It is especially dangerous because, unlike some other diseases, its effects are not immediately seen or felt.

Some slow-witted individuals refuse to believe anything they have not personally experienced. They need to be burned, to believe that fire is dangerous. They claim that this virus is a hoax, and wrapping themselves in the flag of freedom, they reject the wearing of masks and social distancing. Like Nero they continue to party while the city is burning.

These pathetic souls have a twisted and self-centered view of freedom. Freedom does not mean that you are entitled to do absolutely as you please. With freedom comes responsibility, especially when you are part of a community

“America became obsessed with free-dumb: the idea of freedom as the removal of all restraint, the right to harm others, the ability to do anything you please, no matter how destructive, toxic, foolish, or inane.”

These fools not only endanger themselves but contribute to the spread and survivability of the pandemic. They will only grudgingly acknowledge the existence of the virus when lying on a hospital bed, strapped to a ventilator.

Freedom is a fragile, endangered species. It might become extinct if not protected and nurtured. Its guardians must remain vigilant and immediately sanction anyone or any group trying to harm it.

And regrettably, this is what is presently happening. Donald Trump lost the 2020 Presidential election by a wide margin. But instead of abiding by the will of the people, he has been bargaining like a bazaar rug merchant to have the results overturned.

There is no doubt that the soon to be one-term president was inspired by his bosom buddy Vladimir Putin. The former KGB operative skillfully engineered a scheme that will keep in power until 2036. Trump is fortunately too obtuse to be equally successful.

But there is nothing more dangerous than a spurned lover. Being rejected by anybody is hurtful, but being repudiated by millions must be intolerable… especially by a narcissistic individual. And murderous violence is usually the answer.

What happened in Washington  on January 6 was no accident. With the silent complicity of his Republican minions, Donald Trump’s attempted coup had been planned for weeks…  Its violence even shocked the president’s hardcore allies who are now running for cover.

NOBODY is above the law. Citizen Trump must be held responsible for the physical damage inflicted on the Capitol and on the American psyche. He must pay a heavy price for the chaos and the dangerous instability that he has created during his capricious tenure. This spoiled brat must be spanked, energetically!

Freedom got a small reprieve, but it is not safe. We must remain vigilant and guard against dangerous populists… and as demonstrated on January 6, they are legions in this disjointed country of ours.


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