Toddler power

I just saw the light! Alleluia! No, I was not reborn, but it was an experience close to it.

While I was on Thanksgiving assignment, I experienced a revelation; The Great Spirit… somebody? disclosed to me how to deal with a long nagging problem.

Periodically, especially in Fall and Winter, we have to clean and groom our pétanque court. Club members usually perform the work, but it is an arduous slog, especially for stiff-back old timers.

While visiting our grandson, I suddenly saw the light! Praise be the Thanksgiving spirits!
I noticed that the little tyke (aged 2 and a half) armed with a broom and dustpan was assiduously scrubbing an alley littered with dead leaves. He was working steadily and had no rest until the pathway looked as immaculate as a bowling lane.

So then, I asked myself, why are we asking tired, gray-haired denizens to perform tasks that could so easily be accomplished by enthusiastic toddlers?

I suggest that when the field needs cleaning, we round up all our grandchildren, equip them with rakes (or whatever tool they chose) and set them loose in our court. The kids will get some fresh air and exercise instead of misspending their time playing gory video games.

“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.” 

Adults would do their fair share by keeping an eye on them and steering them with the various whistle signals that work so well with sheepdogs.

It is a win-win proposition. Kids will have some invigorating fun and adults could rest their aching backs. After the job is done, a round of carrots, watermelon, and broccoli will be graciously offered to the workers.
Diapers and pacifiers will also be provided, free of charge.

So whaddya say goldenagers? Isn’t this a constructive, innovative proposition?

Make America scrape again! Get those coddled toddlers out of nursery school and back on the pétanque courts where they belong.

Due to undue pressure from politically correct folks, I might have to recant my suggestion, but like Galileo Galilei said: “And yet it moves…”


As a child my family’s menu consisted of two choices: take it or leave it. Buddy Hackett

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