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Photo by Bart Z.

Writing is not for sissies, so why would anybody start a blog?
A variety of reasons! Personally, I am retired and I needed an occupation. Secondly, I have used a keyboard for most of my professional life, and I could not break the habit. Thirdly, I enjoy writing. And finally, I am cranky, and when I am upset, I like to give free rein to my displeasure. I try to vocalize in my posts what many would like to say but are unwilling or unable to do. Good or bad, I delight in giving people their due.

My name is Alain, a common French first name. I am an animal fancier, a nature lover and I am fond of French food, humor, and “bons mots”.

I was born and grew up in Paris, France; after exiting from school and serving 2 ½ years in the French army, I immigrated to California in 1962. I worked for the Xerox Corporation for 35 years and retired in November 2001.

My present interests are writing (French and English), politics, pétanque, photography and French culture.

Thank you for your interest in my profile 💋

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  1. Thank you everyone for the invitation! Max and I had fun, the food was excellent but the company and atmosphere was even better, nice to have been part of such nice event and thanks Alain for the great narrative and for making memorable moments with the great photos!

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