About me

Hello! My name is Alain and I am the creator and the editor of this blog.

I was born and raised in Paris, France, and after completing my education and serving 2 ½ years in the French army, I moved to California in 1962

IMG_4525 copy
I worked for the Xerox Corporation for 35 years and retired in November 2001.

I am a photography buff and spend a fair amount of time shooting  various subjects.

I personally took all  the photos (including the “headers”) shown on this blog.

The purpose of this website is, among other things, to cover events sponsored by La PÊtanque Marinière (the Marin County PÊtanque Club) and at the same  to voice personal opinions about various subjects.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thank you everyone for the invitation! Max and I had fun, the food was excellent but the company and atmosphere was even better, nice to have been part of such nice event and thanks Alain for the great narrative and for making memorable moments with the great photos!