YouTube, I love you

YouTube, I love you.
The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know.

Doctor Lindsey Doe

Lately, I have been spending a lot of time on YouTube. My fondness for this site started fairly recently when I found myself incapable of setting up a product that I had just bought on the Internet.

The accompanying instructions were poor, printed on a minuscule piece of paper and extremely difficult to decipher. I logged into YouTube, looked up the name of my product and voila!
A jolly guy popped up on my screen and demonstrated how to set up my gizmo and make it do what it was supposed to do.

But YouTube does much more than that. It offers useful instructions about a large variety of subjects. Name it, and you will probably find it on YouTube. Once in a while, my Amazon Echo Wall Clock or Alexa refuse to do their job properly. The best way to fix the problem, and many others, is to consult Professor YouTube.

I just read that some of the most important life survival skills are not taught in school. A shame! Among them nutrition, basic money management, cooking, basic first aid, and human sexuality.

Yes, human sexuality. And this subject is very different from how babies are made. It is undeniable that sex is a very important factor of a relationship. But there is good sex and bad sex; if one of the partners finds the whole thing unsatisfying, there are good chances that this association will implode.
After all, this is specified in the Constitution… or somewhere else.

If you want to be proficient at anything you do, you first must learn about it. And if you are a tenderfoot in the carnal area, you can learn about the most common sexual practices on YouTube.

Doctor Lindsey Doe is a clinical sexologist and sex educator who hosts a series called Sexplanations. She is well-spoken and a vocal advocate of carnal knowledge and sexual health. There are no taboos in her dissertations and she tackles any subject with brio.

She is straightforward and not afraid to use some common street vocabulary. She calls a spade a spade and that is the way it should be.
Frankly, I was a little taken aback by the things she talked about. But I could have used some of her knowledge when I was a very green young man.

In my days, you became familiar with the subject through pathetic experiments or by visiting a house of good repute.

In conclusion…

Doctor Doe (and her pioneering colleagues) are true benefactors of humanity by breaking old taboos and senseless religious proclamations.


Are passwords obsolete?

Yes, they damn are! And we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore!

Le pont des Arts – Paris

I presently have 134 different passwords and they are multiplying like rabbits on moonlight. It feels like schlepping a big load on my back and it is painfully slowing me down. Just like “lovelocks” on some bridges, it is a burden and it is threatening to bring the whole structure down.

Cybercommerce is to blame for that predicament. Each time you deal with a new outfit, it demands a new password. I understand the reason behind it, but it still is a hassle.

When shopping online I try to deal with a minimum of companies to mitigate the problem. When I purchase something, I usually stick with a reliable outfit like Amazon. They know me and wave me in like an old friend… but this is not always possible.

The problem with passwords is that they have to be complex (at least 12 various digits) and difficult to guess. But on the other hand, they are also impossible to remember. I barely recall my relatives’ names, so how do you expect me to memorize q$R*!!IL6xjB and its myriads of cousins?

I thought for a while that I could use French names or expressions to stump the enemy, but unfortunately, too many people now understand that language. Then I thought about resorting to Russian (with Cyrillic characters) passwords, but the Russians are master hackers. They probably pioneered that technique. If I did this, they would probably cheer me and send me (fake) flowers.

Cybercommerce is just in his infancy and will continue to grow, but there has to be a better way of dealing with security. I understand that the big Tech Guys (particularly Google) are working on this, but tomorrow is not soon enough.

Finding a solution to this irritating problem would be like finding a cure for cancer.

In the meantime, you need to remain extremely vigilant and never use the same password for all your different purchases. The easiest way to deal with this problem is to use a password manager.

Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don’t let anybody else use it, and get a new one every six months.” Clifford Stoll

 Hackers use bots and “brute force” attacks to crack passwords. A simple password like your firstborn or your dog’s name would not last a minute.

Think of passwords as deadbolts on your doors. If you use cheap locks, soon or later you will be burgled. I guarantee it.


PS: Just for fun… I wonder if anybody would be clever enough to break this (easy to remember) code that I just created: Aedlp@Ljdgea

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I have too much stuff

I have too much stuff…

I am trying to get rid of some of it, but it is not easy. Yes, I really want to do it, honest, but I am leery of Murphy’s law… everybody knows that the minute you discard an item, you will immediately need it.
It is unfortunate, but it is a scientifically proven fact. So, as you can see, I have no choice but to cling to the old stuff.

But someday you will have to make some wrenching decisions. Something on the scope of what Ike had to do on D-Day. Go or no go. I will have you know that it takes nerves of steel to do that.

Stuff is like a fungus. It grows slowly but steadily and one day you find yourself swimming in it.

For people who are not familiar with the subject, stuff is a collection of things, events, or ideas, or the contents of something in a general way without mentioning the thing itself by name.”

 One of my pet theories is that if you keep stuff long enough, someday it will become fashionable again.
Look at torn jeans… it started when a teenager (it can only be a teenager) came across an old pair of ripped jeans probably belonging to a Forty-Niner…

Being too lazy to wash his own clothes, and desperately needing some trousers to go to a party, he grabbed the tattered jeans, went to the party and became an instant success.

All the kids present  removed their pricey jeans at once and savagely mutilated them with anything they could find. And that’s ladies and gentlemen, how the trendsetting torn jeans were born.

The same goes for old cars or vinyl records. They are coming back into fashion and if you kept them (I did) you might be sitting on a gold mine.

So a word of advice, my friends… Old stuff (like myself) can be valuable and  does not have to end in a garbage dump.

Look at politicians for instance… old dudes are recycled all the time. The Democratic front runner is rediscovered old stuff. He was out of circulation for a while and he is suddenly being back in fashion again.

Don’t forget… it is in the old pots that you make the best cooking.

And before letting you meditate on my wise sayings, an old quote from Napoleon Bonaparte

“Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet.”

Toot a loo…


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