The ship of state

The ship of democracy, which has weathered all storms, may sink through the mutiny of those on board. — Grover Cleveland

Fluctuat Nec Mergitur has been the motto of the city of Paris, France since 1358. This old Latin phrase roughly translates as:

“She is tossed by the waves but does not sink”.

In Washington though, the ship of state is also battered by the waves but in great danger of foundering.

Charles Laughton as Captain Bligh

The captain’s erratic behavior is frightening officers and crewmen alike. The ship’s company distrusts him, and like Captain Bligh, he could possibly be relieved of his command and set adrift on a sea of troubles.

The American ship of state is starting to resemble The Flying Dutchman, the legendary ghost ship, whose sight was an omen of doom.

The Bounty and the Caine mutinies bear many similarities. They both occurred because of captain Bligh and captain Queeg paranoid behavior. Evidently, the title does not make a leader.

Effective authority is based on mutual respect and a captain has to lead by example. He cannot get involved in personal feuds and resort to name-calling. He has to stay above the fray. The minute he breaches etiquette and turns to abusive language, he stoops to the gutter level and loses the respect of his peers.

Generally speaking, a man who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth is not an ideal candidate for public office. He is used to getting his way, and if he is not indulged he is likely to roll on the floor and throw a temper tantrum.

The style of a captain of industry and a political leader are vastly different. A businessman is a kinglet ruling by decrees, while a statesman rules by consensus. Both jobs differ greatly and are not mutually compatible.

Thought to mull over:

Run for office first (and if you absolutely must) tackle business afterward. Attempt the opposite and find yourself discombobulated (I like that word) and open to ridicule.



I just had an epiphany… No, I did not meet 3 wise men, but I had a sudden revelation; a kind of out of body experience.


I had been going to the same dentist for a long time… maybe 15 years. During that time, I became accustomed to his tiny office, to his equipment, to his methods and his personnel.

Then one day, after a medical emergency, he suddenly retired. I had to look for another “arracheur de dents” (tooth puller). After a bit of googling, I settled for a new practitioner conveniently located close to my home.

On my first visit to his office, Shazam! In a flash, I realized what a modern dentist office should look. It was like stepping into another world. Computers, gizmos, lights everywhere… Everything was gleaming… including the two young ladies at the front desk.

After some greetings, I was asked to fill up a lengthy questionnaire… with an iPad. An excellent idea to prevent errors I thought, especially when dealing with email addresses.

There were so many questions on that questionnaire that I wondered for a moment if this was a job application or a security clearance. I also routinely signed a bunch of documents without bothering to read any of them. What the use?

Then the dentist’s assistant took me to another gleaming cubicle for a series of X-rays and pictures. Unlike my old dentist’s antiquated equipment, she used state of the art devices to do that.

My blood pressure was also checked with a small wrist bracelet, and pictures of my teeth, my face (smiling and non-smiling) were routinely captured.

I was additionally quizzed about my life and personal habits. Was I really in a dental office or in a CIA black site? And what will happen to my “private” data?

I now better understand why in the movies, the police always rush to question the dentist about a “person of interest”.

Most of the people feel comfortable with the familiar and a little apprehensive about the unknown. If not introduced to the latest technology, they will continue to use or accept the equipment they are familiar with.

My former dentist was an elderly gentleman, who probably kept using the same equipment he started with. And not knowing any better, I went along without any questions.

In a way, it is like your car… Over the years, you came to accept and ignore its groans and its quirks. But if you inadvertently sit in a new car, you will immediately realize that your old vehicle is a clunker. And being only human, you will want a new automobile, right away…

Of course, I expect to pay more for all these glitzy lights and gizmos, but can you blame me for wanting to enjoy a bit of fancy dentistry before I meet my maker?

I know that you will understand.


Assets management

Good assets management is an absolute necessity for success. And this philosophy applies to all your assets, including your body parts.

Photo by C_Scott

Now, what attracts a man when he is looking at a woman?
As a man of leisure and sidewalk cafés habitué, I have spent many hours investigating this topic.

When a man looks at a woman (some men don’t bother) I think that he first casts a quick glance at the subject. If she is attractive enough, he might take a second look.

It seems that women, regardless of their age, can be classified into two categories: those still looking for the elusive match, and those who dropped out of the race.
Ladies still running the romantic obstacle course aim to attract; dropouts don’t care. They are either involved with somebody or done with men.

Playing up their best assets and downplaying their least desirable features is the proven winning strategy for women looking to entice a man.

So what assets will a woman press into service to get a man interested? Hair, bust, hips, butt, legs?
Women have a lot of ammo at their disposal, but they need to proceed wisely before implementing their strategy.

To be noticed a woman has to be decently proportioned and walk gracefully. The walk is important because even if she is not a classic beauty, a woman can project great sexiness through her gait.

The hip movement is at the root of the attraction. The hips have to sway smoothly (like a sloop heading to the wind) otherwise the stride will appear stiff, unappealing. If the hips move fluidly, they will also drive the posterior with a pleasing samba-like motion… and it will be noticed.
A woman who has mastered the art of sashaying is way ahead of the pack.

“If someone tells you that you’re not beautiful, turned around and walk away so they can have a great view of your fabulous ass.”

In other words, if you have a great ass set, flaunt it.

Of course, a woman’s mind is never to be overlooked, but the first impression persists. Like Bo Derek running toward Dudley Moore in the movie 10.