2020 Presidential election

The 2020 presidential election is probably going to be the most significant event of your entire life. In a few weeks, you will decide what kind of legacy you are going to leave to your children for many years to come.

You have to choose between an ignorant, immoral bully whose entire life is a lie and a decent, experienced man who already spent 8 years as the nation’s second-in-command executive.
It is a choice between good and evil. A deliberate decision to choose between authoritarianism and liberalism.

In the Presidential elections, you can vote for a man who loves to cozy up with tyrants like Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin, and Recep Erdogan. Or you can side with somebody who cares about the common man and the environment, and wants to reestablish friendly ties with all our former allies.

All the above autocrats by the way, always outmaneuvered the incumbent and ridiculed him behind his back. The apprentice-sorcerer proved that he is not smart enough to play with the Big (bad) Boys.

After 4 years at the helm, the incumbent demonstrated to be a man unfit to run a country like the United States. He might have some success in a banana republic, but not as a leader of a world-class democracy.

The common man has absolutely nothing to gain by electing a man who has already proved his disdain for him. The famous tax cut heralded by the Republicans was nothing but a giant gift to the ruling class (and the president himself of course). Joe Sixpack got peanuts for his fealty to a dishonorable man.

And then, there is the shocking, purposely downplayed pandemic that cost 200,000 American lives… just to gain some political advantage. How can any decent person side with this self-centered lunatic?

What is at stake in this particular Presidential election, is the future of the United States. It is not difficult to imagine that if reelected, the president could try a Putin-like sleight of hand to remain in power indefinitely. He already mentioned a third term…
Under Putin’s rule, critics (like Alexey Navalny) have to fear for their lives. It would not be any different under an American dictatorship.

If the United States is to remain a free, democratic country, the pompadoured buffoon and his foul-smelling clique of sycophants have got to go.
America is a multicultural society, and everybody ought to be treated equally and fairly. This is not the case today and nothing will change if the present leadership remains in power.

When you go to the polls (or when you mail your ballot), vote for somebody who promised to heal and unite, instead of a notorious rabble-rouser.


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