Life is getting more complicated

Life is getting more complicated, more challenging every single day. Have you noticed it?

For my part, it seems that my hearing is getting less reliable than it used to be. In my youth I could hear a mouse fart, but not today. It is not terribly bad, but this problem is accentuated by the widespread utilization of masks. The sound coming through is kind of muffled, not as clear as to when unimpeded.

“I hadn’t really noticed that I had a hearing problem. I just thought most people had given up on speaking clearly.” ~ Hal Linden

Then the problem is compounded when the speaker is foreign-born and communicates with an unfamiliar accent. How many times can you decently ask your interlocutor to repeat himself? Two, three, four? If this person is excitable (and packing heat) the situation could easily get out of control.
Life is getting more complicated…

To add to this difficult situation, ubiquitous plastic screens shielding merchants from customers are popping up everywhere. If your hearing is not as sharp as your pet, you are handicapped. I could bring my cat shopping, but she is not very patient or diplomatic. When annoyed, she is quick to unsheathe her claws and get ornery.

The other major complication of modern living is the inordinate use of passwords. Like bedbugs, they infiltrate every facet of your life. You cannot go to the bathroom without entering a password! And we are asked to make them difficult to guess… from a few anodyne characters it jumped to 8, 10, 12, and now 20 digits. What if you urgently need to go to the loo, and cannot remember the impossible password? Is there a derogation for urinating on the kitchen floor?
Life is becoming more complicated…

Some “independent-minded” people refuse to wear masks. Why? I have no idea. Do they really believe that the pandemic (after over 200,000 deaths in the US alone) is a hoax? Are they so enamored of our leader that they believe every single word coming out of his mouth? Or are they just plain half-witted?

I have the feeling that those “mavericks” are the same individuals refusing to follow rules and using the same 4-digit (1234) password on all their cyber transactions.

They cannot help it… Life is becoming too complicated for simple-minded folks.


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  1. Yes, life is very complicated and difficult in many respects. There are many examples here that you could use in a novel.

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