“A Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.”

With age comes wisdom (?)… Invariably accompanied by stiffness, its loyal sidekick. When you reach a certain age it becomes increasingly difficult to tie your shoes or paint your toenails. I find this frustrating… the shoes I meant. Picking up a coin on the ground also becomes a highly optional activity.

I will be able to do this soon… in a while… next year.

After a complex back surgery, it becomes even more difficult to perform these elementary tasks. Seeking to comfort me and alleviate my predicament, my resident nurse recommended yoga. She practices it regularly and it seems to do her good.

“Your body can do it.  It’s your mind you need to convince.”

Precisely. My mind is stuck in an old familiar groove and it is difficult to pull it out of its rut. It takes a lot of determination to convince your body to move and bend in unusual positions.
Hey, it says, what are you trying to do? Attempting to become a contortionist? Don’t rock the boat buddy… I do as well as I can.

So, this is the first problem: Getting body and mind (like members of Congress) to work together. An almost impossible assignment. But I know that I should do this and overrule the objections of my body.

Well, first you have to lower yourself to the ground, which is not a natural position for a grownup. Infants do it all the time but what the hell do they know? Then you have to go through a series of uncommon, unfamiliar, peculiar moves to unclench your reluctant body.

Yoga is the fountain of youth. You’re only as young as your spine is flexible.– Bob Harper

But who wants to be young? And unworldly? I just want to be able to keep up with our grandson. This little guy is made of rubber and can bend in a thousand unnatural different ways. Life is not fair, I know.


So yoga it has to be. Pray for me. I might bust a gut trying to keep up with a toddler (and my wife) but I will give it the old college try.

Om Namah Shivaaya, Namah Shivaaya, Nama Shiva ♬


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  1. Oh, Alain, thank you for talking about my favorite subject! Yes, you will be as flexible as a baby soooon.
    I promise.

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