The age thing

Old age is the most unexpected of all the things that can happen to a man. James Thurber

Age, the number of years that you probably misspent, is a peculiar thing. It is a sneaky varmint somehow akin to cancer. It stays dormant for a long time until one day it stirs and demands attention.

Because age is like a loan, a fairly short-term loan. And when the creditor shows up, it always surprises you. Is my balloon payment already due? Really? I totally forgot…

Aging is not a universal process. Some people age faster and some slower;  it might have something to do with their lifestyle. I read somewhere that “The story of your life is written on your face.”
I believe that, especially for people in the entertainment industry.

Aging is a normal process, but it always surprises me to see movie stars getting old. Shouldn’t all the beautiful people always remain beautiful? Shouldn’t they remain frozen in time, the way you remembered them in their prime?
Elisabeth Taylor, Kirk Douglas, Rock Hudson, Brigitte Bardot, Carrie Fisher (whatever happened to delicious Princess Leia?), Burt Reynolds, Pamela Anderson… all these people sadly failed the test of time, and there is nothing more pathetic than an old face held together by cosmetic scaffolding.

One morning, when my mind was in neutral, I caught myself aging.  This guy in the mirror…  is it me? Really? What happened? I never noticed anything…
That’s right, Time (Age’s cousin) and Age are cat burglars artists. They operate with stealth, never attracting attention. When you notice the damage, it is too late… Time and Age are already having a pint of Guinness celebrating their savoir-faire.

But you cannot agonize over senescence. So far there is no cure for it.
Age is a state of mind. If you think old, you will act old… Therefore act like a baby if you don’t want people to think of you as old… and many do it!

Try to keep your soul young and quivering right up to old age. George Sand

So listen up antiqued people

“Age is no place for sissies”… so if you are a sissy, you better shape up to stay out of the twilight zone.
Mature as slowly as possible. “Age is a number, maturity is a choice.”


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