Are you likable?

“I am remarkably likable. Few people have ever been as likable as I am. There is, frankly, no end to my likeability. People gather together in public assemblies to discuss how much they like me. I have several awards and a small medal from a small country in South America which pays tribute both to how much I am liked and my general all-around wonderfulness. I don’t have it on me, of course. I keep my medals in my sock drawer.” ~ Neil Gaiman

Just like Neil, I am also remarkably likable. Like him, I just ooze likeability… I am dripping with that stuff…
But enough talking about myself. People might think that I am vain… Let’s discuss your case instead, it is probably more interesting.

So, how likable are you? Are you generally friendly… distant? Are you a serial kisser or a reserved observer? Are you liked by your peers? let’s examine your personality…

First, do you smile often, and most important (to me), do you have a good sense of humor? Do you laugh easily at shaggy-dog stories, and can you laugh at yourself? If you can, it is a big plus for it is difficult to dislike a laughing person. I wish that politicians could do that… Can you imagine for a minute sourpuss Mitch McConnell smiling broadly?

Second, are you friendly? Are you approachable and can you sustain a light conversation without talking uniquely about yourself? Or are you usually rather distant and dispassionate?

Do you possess empathy? Can you recognize and commiserate with your friends’ difficulties? Even if you cannot help, empathy is a precious balm that is known to greatly relieve pain. A bunch of bonus points if you can empathize with your amigos.

What about promises? Do you usually honor your word? A promise (like a wager) is sacred. Your honor and integrity are in the balance. If you welch on any promise, you are definitely not likable. A five-year-old kid can tell you that.

And most important, can you keep a secret? Remember, a secret is not something you tell everybody to tell nobody. Secrets like vampires are afraid of broad daylight; they feel more comfortable in the darkness of their caves. And that is where they should remain.

Are you cool under pressure? Or do you start ranting and raving when things get difficult? If you do, you lose a bunch of points. A likable guy is a James Bond in disguise. No matter the situation, he remains cool and composed.

Lastly, do you like animals? If you do, you are my kind of person… We are of the same holy faith. If you ask politely, we could easily become BFFs.

“If I wasn’t an actor? Hmm, I’d probably be a serial killer. I’m just so damn likable, no one would ever suspect me.” ~ Zach Braff


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