Am I too likable?

Could I possibly be too likable? My modesty urges me to protest, but according to my grandson I am very endearing… so who am I going to believe? My enemies or a trusted relative? My grandson is extremely perceptive and over a few short years I have come to trust his keen judgment.

I am for the most part just an ordinary guy, so what could make me so irresistible to a 5-year boy?
In my early years I used to be a rather naughty youngster… not especially likable… My propensity to gossip with my friends during school hours earned me more than my fair share of punishment. My teacher, a stern Corsican who would slap me silly, never thought that I was likable.
And yet… It seems that in the eyes of my grandson I have grown to be extremely popular.

So, what then is the secret of my success with the kindergarten set?
My first overwhelming quality (in their eyes), is the fact that I am a softy. I find it almost impossible to say no to their demands. This is a big plus in my favor.

Then, even when I only understand half of his babble, I agree with my grandson. Another big plus. I don’t argue with him. Why start a pointless argument?
The kid is also dazzled by my technical expertise: I can juggle three remote control devices at once… A technique he still yearns to master.

Another one of my likability components is the fact that I can read. I can read various stories and embellish them with my comments at will. I also accept his own remarks without questioning.

The fact that I can count higher than ten, has also contributed to my likability. Anytime I spend more than the colossal amount of $10.00 makes a big impression on him.

The kid also thinks that I am greatly amusing; once in a while, I forget myself and say something in French; a thing that convulses him with laughter. What kind of gibberish is this ?

In short, my grandson almost takes me for a celestial being… and I am not yet ready to contradict him. It feels good to be likable… even temporarily.

My charisma is similar to wine… it has improved with age. My grandson likes me and I like him in return. A little later, when he will become aware of my flaws, I hope that he will still find me likable despite my many shortcomings.
That’s what love is all about.


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