The Taliban horror show

Yesterday was a dark day for women… especially for women in Afghanistan.

 Kabul has fallen and the Taliban predators are swarming in. The Sharia is going to be re-established, and women will be required again to cover all their bodies except hands and face. They are already hiding and burning or concealing any document validating their education.

This turn of events is eerily reminiscent of the Nazi treatment of conquered European nations during WWII. The Nazi first move was to seek and exterminate the elites. Educated people were especially targeted and swiftly murdered by specialized execution squads. Ignorant people they thought, would be easier to control and manipulate.

Under the pretense of “religion,” the Taliban is seeking new enslavement of their women. And it is relatively easy in a country steeped in misogynistic beliefs.

Since an early age, I have distrusted theocracies. Religion was created by zealots, and God has absolutely nothing to do with it. Religion is just a devious way to control minds and bodies. Why would a priest or a mullah have better judgment or wisdom than a common mortal? Do they have a direct line of communication with the Almighty? It is up to every individual to decide for himself what is right and what is wrong and act accordingly.

Women are not second or third-class citizens. They are as able and as smart as any man, and they ought to be treated as fairly as men. They can, and they have proved it, achieve anything that a man can do.  They are teachers, nurses, doctors, engineers, lawyers, astronauts…  Only ignorant louts will argue with this.

Women are not saints to be worshipped or adored. They are as fallible as men, but they always must be given a chance to prove themselves. We have had very capable world female leaders, and they often performed as well if not better than men.

If the Taliban return to its old nasty habits, it is my hope that civilized nations all over the world are going to unite and apply intense pressure on them to force them to treat their women fairly and humanely.

I deeply empathize with the panicked people trying to flee Afghanistan. At one time or the other, we all have been persecuted, and grateful to have found a haven somewhere.

All civilized nations must do their share and help as many people as possible. Keep in mind that what is happening in Afghanistan can happen anywhere in the world, including America.


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