Ann Krilanovich, Christine Cragg, Ron Rohlfes

Word-of-mouth rules… I absolutely believe that, but I don’t care much for this awkward Anglo-Saxon expression. It is difficult (especially for a non-native speaker) to quickly comprehend what it means. I far prefer its French equivalent de bouche à oreille» (from mouth to ear).

Originally, “bouche à oreille” meant something shared “in confidence”. It was a tidbit that you would whisper in somebody’s ear under a condition of trust. Today it is almost like a seal of approval for a product or a person.

Lately, we have seen a lot of new faces on our pétanque court, and it is mainly due to the word-of-mouth activity. Women have been the main proponents of this undertaking and they ought to be praised for it.
I am particularly thinking of Abby Danielson who brought her two brothers to the court and Ann Krilanovich who introduced a multitude of people to our game, including her daughter Andorra.
Kudos to these great pétanque ambassadors.

“Word-of-mouth is powerful, trusted, and cheap.” ~ Martin Lindstrom

 Today, advertising is the primary medium of promoting a product, but since the airwaves are saturated with it, it has lost a lot of its convincing powers. Enters word-of-mouth. Somebody tells you about a restaurant and praises it. It will definitely make a bigger impression on you than the tedious messages heard daily on TV. Who would you rather believe, a friend or McDonald’s?

It seems to me that women are better at exchanging confidences than men. They are chattier and manage to include more details in their conversations. In retrospect women (including our long-time president Christine Cragg) have done a lot for our club and ought to be recognized for their contributions. One more time, thank you, ladies.

Everybody knows that women and men are different. For instance, women always worry about the things that men forget; men always worry about the things women remember.
Don’t hate me for saying that; I am just repeating word-of-mouth what I heard.

To conclude on a cheerful note… and to praise women’s creativity, did you know that “High heels were invented by a woman who was tired of always been kissed on the forehead.” Marcel Achard

 Ta ta for now… and keep up the good work.


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