Are kisses making a comeback?

With the pandemic showing signs of ebbing, will kisses and hugs soon return? It is a little early to tell, but I am confident that they will be back very soon, especially among the Centennials. After a year of forced abstinence, the lads and lassies are eager to resume lips-locking.

Some people, especially the Silent Generation, are not in such a hurry and might resume full smooching at a later date. They would rather start with a “baisemain” which might be less hazardous (but no less thrilling) than a kiss.

I am in favor of preserving the French habit of kissing the hands of ladies. After all one must start somewhere. Sacha Guitry

If you agree, keep in mind that the baisemain needs to be executed correctly to be well received. No prior sanitizing or slobbering on the extended hand. A short inclination of the bust and a butterfly kiss on the offered extremity is the way to do it. To be proper, the gesture has to be short and elegant. If you are not too confident, you might want to practice with your siter, mother or grandma…

But what about kissing between strangers? It is a little more complicated… A protocol might have to be established and endorsed by both parties before restarting this activity…

-Bonjour mademoiselle, can I kiss you?
-Well… maybe after showing me proof of vaccination…
-All right, here it is. Can I also see yours?
-Of course… then can I check your body temperature?
-It is moving up, but yes… can I also check your pulse?
-Yes, and it also seems to be rising…
-I am delighted to hear this…

Then, “Que la fête commence” (Let the festivities begin).

For the faint-hearted, a prudent kissing technique could be “kiss blowing”. Long dormant, almost forgotten, this practice might become popular again. It is quick, easy, and sanitary, and you can do some mass-kissing whenever needed.

After our last draught, you might long to be kissed again. If the urge is overwhelming you could wear a badge saying something like “kisses wanted”. I am pretty sure that eventually, you will find some candidates.

Speaking for myself, if you want to exchange kisses with me, send me a recent picture and a brief resumé detailing your reasons and qualifications. An impartial jury will decide if you fit the bill.



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