When will it stop?

Vigils, prayers, flowers, candles, speeches, tears… these images of grief show up on our tellies with a dull regularity… and it is a pathetic waste of time. Despite the ongoing gun carnage, nothing of substance is being done to stop this horrendous loss of lives.

Mass shooting in America is endemic, and it will continue until comprehensive laws are passed to restrict the ridiculous availability of firearms. Unfortunately, some politicos are (for very dubious reasons) promoting and allowing the unregulated sale of guns in their states.

Guns are not toys; they are devices specifically designed to kill and they are extremely dangerous. Especially the so-called “assault weapons” (with high-capacity magazines) which should never be sold to anybody but the military.

Before being allowed to purchase a firearm, any individual should provide written proof that he is sound of mind and free of any mental disorder. This is not an outlandish idea. Today, many corporations are routinely asking candidates to take a psychological test before hiring them, and this practice should also apply to any potential gun buyer. You need a license to go fishing, and you should definitely get one to buy a firearm.

Despite the fact that 60% of Americans say gun laws should be tougherthe GOP continues to block any resolution making it more difficult to buy guns.

And why is that? As usual, money is a big factor. Gun sale is a very profitable business that provides a steady income for a multitude of people, including some of our darling Congress representatives.

Lawmakers are not saints, and their integrity is often highly questionable. Being chosen for a position does not mean that the contender is an upstanding citizen. He is often a loudmouth individual backed and financed by an organization that is more interested to promote its causes than seeking public safety.

There are many despicable characters (hello sweet Marjorie) in Congress, and they are an embarrassment to everybody, including their leaders. But as in many other areas, money trumps anything else.

To stop the flow of guns, and the senseless killings, we must pressure balking Congressmen and stigmatize them loudly for their inaction. It would also be a good idea for journalists to investigate who profits from the gun trade and expose them to the public at large. Public shaming works amazingly well to root out and expel stinkers from their lofty positions. It is a very powerful weapon and should be used for the public good whenever necessary.

“Take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.” ~ Elie Wiesel


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