A day in Lamorinda

Yesterday, as it is becoming the custom for our local players, I drove to Lamorinda, a 40-minute ride from Marin.

Lamorinda is the home of true-blue pétanque fans. They polish their boules at sunrise and start playing before lunch; they only stop at sundown. They also, I have been told, sometimes continue to play after sundown, illuminating the field by using cars’ headlights.

As a pétanque dilettante, I seldom go to such extremes. Three hours of physical exertion is plenty for me and my aging anatomy. But otherwise, the Lamorinda gang is friendly and welcoming. Show up with boules and you are in. They also have excellent players, and it is always a challenge playing there.

Yesterday was also a little unusual by the sheer fact that the temperature reached 75° Fahrenheit around 2:00 pm. Let’s not forget that we are in the middle of winter and that it is 45° in New York and 21° in St Petersburg, Russia.

The Lamorinda people also have the healthy practice of reshuffling the decks after a few games. After a short break, teams are reassembled in different formations. It means that you will get a chance to play with many different players throughout the day. One slight drawback to this policy is the fact that with everybody’s face covered with a mask, you often don’t know who you are playing with.

During short playing intervals, I managed to snap a few pictures. This is the advantage of owning a small, versatile camera. It can easily by carried in a pocket while playing and put to work when the occasion presents itself.

When it comes to action shots, some people are naturally more photogenic than some others.  This usually indicates that are naturally gifted athletes.
It does not mean though that if you don’t look as good as the golden boys (or girls) you are less proficient. It simply means that very few people have it all: natural grace and ability.

I hope that you like the few shots I managed to take.


2 thoughts on “A day in Lamorinda”

  1. Thank you very much, dear Alain
    It is always a plaisir to see you and your group in Lafayette and playing good games of Petanque
    see you at San Rafael soon also
    Gilbert and Noah

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