Mobile phone chronicles

In a brazen coup, the mobile phone finally ousted the old home telephone and sent it to pasture. Until the apparition of this pesky upstart, the home phone was the undisputed king of the hill… but no more. The kid now reigns supreme.

Ô rage ! Ô désespoir ! Ô vieillesse ennemie !

The mobile phone is a little technological marvel that allows you to do unimaginable things. But most of the users are unaware of its full potential and utilize only a small percentage of its capabilities. The embarrassing truth is that the smartphone is too smart for many grownups. It is adept at many things and many languages with humans lagging far behind.

A long time ago (before the Pandemic), when somebody said “I will be touch with you,” it meant that this person would eventually call you. But today, they might not necessarily do so; for all kinds of murky reasons many people prefer to leave a message rather than talking mano a mano.

Some people have a preferred mode of communication and it does not always match your own preferences. So, a text sent with Messenger for instance, might not reach somebody who favors Messages.
Atop Mount Olympus, the Gods are laughing at this new Babel situation.

“Although we live in an information technology age, we often find ourselves in failure to communicate situations.” Johnny Tan

 A mobile phone’s usefulness is only limited by its user’s knowledge, and today the kids hold the keys to this domain. Even though some can barely read, at age 5 they have already mastered the intricacy of the magic little box.
No wonder… they cut their teeth on this pacifier in the crib.

If you are an old guy (40+) and if you need any help with your smartphone, ask your grandkids. For the modest fee of a lollypop or two they will set you straight…

But don’t ever (even under duress) give them your passcode! Otherwise, in the near future, you might see an influx of Amazon Lego boxes landing on your doorsteps.

A mobile phone is like a magic wand. You wave it and something amazing happens. But mind the Sorcerer’s Apprentice story! Don’t overestimate your knowledge and don’t venture into uncharted waters.

By the way… Don’t call me… I will send you a texto you the minute  I will get out of the loo.


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