Looking for a good woman

A good woman… Yes I have been looking for a good woman… it is a difficult and frustrating endeavor because it seems that there is a shortage of that species.

My predicament looks similar to the people of China and India where men are struggling to find brides.

“In China and India, men outnumber women by 70 million. Both nations are belatedly trying to come to grips with the policies that created this male-heavy generation.”

A good partner should be attractive, physically fit, self-controlled, resilient, flexible, optimistic, a team player, multilingual, open-minded, a good conversationalist…

I admit that the job’s requirements are stiff, but this unique position demands it. It is a job that calls for self-control… and among other things, expert parallel parking.

Some people are quick to recruit a partner and… invariably they pay the price for their impetuosity. In such affairs, hiring interviews are of the utmost importance. You need to be able to read your tentative partner’s mind before making a decision.

As mentioned above, the coveted woman should be physically fit to assume the various positions required by the job. Being nimble of mind and body is essential. The way things go, everything happens fast, and a competent woman should be able to adapt to any situation that life throws at her.

In Pétanque, select mixed teams’ competition is not the way to go. Like in many sporting disciplines, men outnumber women by a wide margin and finding a competent mate is bordering on the impossible.

Women in sports? By all means, but not in mandated formations. Because of the lack women, many men won’t be able to play in next weekend’s tournament. This not the way to promote this sport.

Tournaments should be designed around the idea of attracting a maximum of competitors regardless of gender or age.

So, because of the sparsity of available women, I will be sitting this tournament out. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise. I have back pains and a strenuous tournament might exasperate my condition.

But fear not. I will be there with my nosy cameras to record everything… warts and all.

Ta ta for now…


“When you can feel the wind blowing through your hair, it’s time to shave your legs!”

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