The Great Unifier

The Great World Unifier has arrived. Hosanna! Hosanna!
Well, maybe not… for the Great Unifier is not really our friend but our enemy. Its only merit is its potential to unite all the nations of the world.

Alliance does not mean love any more than war means hate.
Francis Parker Yockey

Just a few short years ago, Martians were the enemies who would invade our planet and enslave Earthlings. But Martians have yet to materialize while Covid-19 (Darth Vader’s relative) is already among us.

Temporarily forgetting their past quarrels, world leaders are starting (albeit unwillingly) to cooperate to fight a common foe.

Covid-19 is a cunning enemy. It has not yet shown its face, but it is already in our midst, spreading fear and dissensions. Just like spying moles, it is hiding in plain sight.

Covid-19 is a unifier AND a divider. Its great strength lies with its uncanny ability to divide friends and families alike. Fear is irrational. The irony is that you might have cut communication with your neighbors while cooperating with Iran or China.

Humans, above all, fear the unknown and the Coronavirus is a riddle, difficult to comprehend. How is the virus spreading? Why is a person who does not travel (and has not been in contact with a traveler) is suddenly infected?

Is this the beginning of Armageddon?
The woefully unprepared authorities are wringing their hands and hoping for the best. Our commander in chief is as usual, uninformed about the situation, while assuring his fanbase that the country is fully prepared to cope with this calamity.

Judging by the frantic hoarding of face masks and disinfecting products, most of the population don’t share his crass optimism. And as usual, during a crisis, some contemptible hustlers are trying to gouge their fellow human beings. Would you pay $149 for a two-pack of 12-ounce bottles of Purell?

In France (a so-called socialist country) the price of hydroalcoholic gel has been capped at 2 euros per 50 ml. Pharmacies and websites will be fined 7,500 euros if they sell these gels above the set price.
What are we waiting for to mirror that decision? Is money more important than human lives?

In closing

This crisis, just like previous emergencies, will eventually abate and disappear. What won’t disappear so fast though are the mistakes and miscalculations perpetrated by incompetent people. A responsible high-level position should never be offered to anybody as a result of a pollical contribution. Merit is the only thing that should be considered.

Hello Washington, are you listening?

Virtual kisses and hugs.


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