Remembering Henry

Yesterday we experienced an outpouring of love the like of which I have seldom witnessed. This heartfelt outflow of emotion was a tribute to a man who was much too briefly a member of our small community.

Henry Wessel, dog lover

You get to know a person over time and unfortunately some of us ran short of that commodity. Henry was like a shooting star that appeared and disappeared too quickly. He was a private and modest man who seldom talked about himself, but who cast a giant shadow. I always appreciated his good sense of humor and his quick wit. He was also a hard worker who did a lot to beautify our field.

He also struck me as a person eager to learn. When he first appeared on our field, he asked a lot of questions about the game and took a lot of video clips. He sought everybody’s advice and in a very short time, he became one of our best players.

Whenever he heard a French word or a French expression, he was always keen to learn its exact meaning. What does it mean? How do you spell it? How do you pronounce it? I was always pleased to oblige.

Yesterday, many people paid tribute to Henry. Mark Shirley, Tiaré Ferrari, Noel Marcovecchio, Sandra Shirkey, Doug Coleville, John-Philippe Wyek, Larry Cragg, Evan Falcone, and Bleys Rose were the voices of our various clubs.

We, of course, missed our Christine, but some tears were shed on her behalf. A few speakers (e.g. plucky Sandra) choked and could barely hold their tears while talking.

I was personally heartened to see Calvert again. We all missed her and it was a pleasure to have her on our field again. This Southern Belle is a resilient person and I am convinced that in due time she will be her old happy-go-lucky individual again. Her gracious sister Sally is helping her to remain seaworthy.

Mark Shirkey, Larry Cragg, and Tiaré did a great job putting this presentation together and ought to be warmly congratulated for their efforts.

After a potluck lunch, casual games sprouted spontaneously and a good time was held by all.

Henry left a huge void. He will be missed and will remain in our hearts “pour toujours” forever and a day.


PS: Feel free to download any of my photos, but when posting any of them on social media, due credit (Photos by Alain Efron) would be deeply appreciated. Merci.

2 thoughts on “Remembering Henry”

  1. Very well said Alain. Truly a beautiful day. Thank you for all your postings and photos. They are very much appreciated by all.
    Best, Monique

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