“The biggest threat to our democracy is indifference. …” Barack Obama

On November 6, crucial mid-term elections will determine the course of the country for the next two years and maybe beyond. In the US democracy is under attack and there is a noticeable drift toward intolerance and totalitarianism.

It is essential for every citizen to vote, and to vote wisely. This will require some homework and before casting your ballot you will have to do a bit of research.

You will need to do some a lot of reading (sigh) and not rely on television to get informed. Short television ads are funded by Political Action Committees whose main purpose is to sway and mislead voters.

If you care about this country, you absolutely must vote. No excuses. Democracy is often lost through indifference. Not voting is like deserting your unit in a firefight.

“Not voting is not a protest. It is a surrender.” Keith Ellison

You should vote for the common good and not for a few narrow interests. Coal production for instance is not good for the environment and should not be promoted to please a minority. Many viable alternatives are available and should be encouraged instead.

You also need to remember that the original motto of the United States (before being dumped by zealots in 1956) was E pluribus unum (out of many, one).
Our leader needs to unite us and not to pit us against each other.

To survive and flourish a country needs to be unified. Siding with the party of millionaires and bullies will only increase dissension and disunity.
Could the United States wield some much power and influence if they were not united? Definitely not.

It is not easy to figure out what is right and fair when the truth is blatantly distorted by deep pockets money.

But democracy is at stake.

Do yourself a big favor and research the candidates and the issues. Remember the Costa Concordia! An impetuous captain will drive his ship to the shoals. A good skipper will mull over his decision before putting his vessel in jeopardy.

United we stand, divided we fall.

It is as simple as that.


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