It is just a pastime…

I am not the greatest pétanque player in the world (or even in the county) but I love this pastime and I play at least twice a week.

I enjoy it greatly but I don’t fancy all the players equally. Some have a tendency to upset my delicate nervous system, and when they do, they derail my happy-go-lucky choo-choo.

September Chavez

Our weekly games are friendly encounters and should be played in a generous and forgiving spirit. When a boule’s position is difficult to assess, one should be gracious and (once in a while) accord it to the opponents.
If there is a difference of opinion, resolve it quickly and courteously.

And by the way (for those who don’t seem to know), the “shooter” is traditionally the quarterback. He calls the shots and his teammates abide by his decisions. Furthermore, there is no official “cochonnet thrower”; any player can grab and dispatch the “cochonnet”.

Then, when you are involved in your favorite pastime, you are supposed to pay attention to what’s going on. It is bad form to be oblivious and be constantly reminded that it is your turn to play. Any seasoned player (and we all have been playing a long time) should always know what to do next without being told.

Sometimes people play in a triplette formation; they then often argue endlessly about the strategy to follow.  This is another irritating nuisance that should be avoided.

Now… to win a game you need skills… and team cohesion. You all need to pull in the same direction… and never give up. Nothing riles me more than a defeatist attitude. You need to believe that a game is never lost until the opposing team scores the 13th point.

In my book, you keep firing with the same spirit until you are victorious or dead!

Is it just a pastime?

Maybe, but win you must scrogneugneu!


“When you win, say nothing. When you lose, say less.” Paul Brown

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