Wanted: truth

Where is truth?

Right now everybody is looking for it, but it has not been seen or heard for quite a while and it has many people worried.
Where is that elusive creature hiding out?

Interestingly enough I could not even find a clear definition of that word in any publication. So, it seems that anybody feels free to adopt the brand of truth that suits him or her best.

Lately that poor thing has been abused and battered; by politicos, media and foreign powers. All kinds of strange “truths” are popping up everywhere and it is becoming very difficult to tell which article is genuine and which one is a fake.

And whom can you presently trust to speak candidly? Our elected representatives? Don’t make me laugh…

“He is a shifty-eyed goddamn liar…. he’s one of the few in the history of this country to run for high office talking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time and lying out of both sides.” Harry T.

Who could Harry be talking about? Anybody we know?

Some people claim that truth is dead and that you better forget about it. But you cannot do that. If you do, you may as well leave the country and take refuge on Pitcairn.

When truth is handled or massaged by a “populist” who repeatedly says, “believe me”, watch his nose. You will see it grow.

Truth can only be revealed by dedicated crusaders and it can be a very dangerous enterprise.

Like all endangered species, it should be kept in sanctuaries to protect it from poachers. If it is not defended it will wither away and you might end up living under regimes like the National Socialist German Workers’ party. Some people liked it; most abhorred it and fought it to the death.

Truth should be found and rehabilitated at all cost. It is a rare commodity and it is extremely difficult to live without it.


“Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

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