The art of seduction

We live in complicated times. Social conventions are rapidly evolving and many people fail to update their code of conduct.

Any IT (Information Technology) guy will tell you that failing to update your software is risky. Similarly, neglecting to keep up with social mores is equally perilous. The latest furor about sexual harassment is a prime example of this conundrum.

Sexual harassment (and there is absolutely no denying that the beast hides there) is happening mainly due to ignorance. Most people are almost totally illiterate about the art of seduction, and it shows.
In this craft, playful verbal talent takes precedence over any physical contact. If you don’t know this, you are bound to commit sexual harassment… and dearly pay for it.

“All great lovers are articulate, and verbal seduction is the surest road to actual seduction.” Marya Mannes

A playful and friendly exchange of pleasantries is the way to start flirting. No coercion. Napoleon, a noted military strategist once said: “A woman who laughs is a woman conquered.” So make them laugh before proceeding to any further action.

To succeed you need to prepare. Just like cooking or any other skill, the art of seduction ought to be taught in high school. And before seeking sexual gratification you should be able to prove that you graduated from this course. So be prepared to carry proof of certification in your wallet.

Sex as everybody should know, has to be consensual, meaning that both people involved are consenting to it without undue pressure. To avoid future litigation, a consensus ought to be reached.

So before engaging in a sexual congress, there should absolutely be no equivoque! Both partners should read and agree to the terms of a carefully written contract. Then after shaking hands, the damsel could signal her willingness by saying: Go for it, dude!

Every game has rules and there is no exception in the intimacy game. Time out means time out. So, stop before entering the intersection, watch for the green light, listen for audible signals and then proceed with caution.

Uncle Alain

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