Women’s Lib

Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Afghan Civil War, Somali Civil War, Islamist insurgency, Libyan conflict, War in Ukraine…
Reading the news is a rather depressing pursuit… That’s why these days I focus on lighter subjects.

I just read in the Los Angeles Times that the new trend among young women is to dye their armpits hair.
“They are dyeing their armpit hair blue, green, red and any other color that suits their fancy.“
By doing so, they are basically rebelling against the prevalent diktat that stipulates that a woman’s body should be totally hair-free.
They want to keep their armpits “au naturel” and I say more power to that!

armpit-hair-sophia-lorenDying instead of shaving is a liberating step forward.
Women shave mainly to feel more attractive, but who said in the first place that a hair-free body is more appealing than an unshaved one?
Many people regard armpit and pubic hair to be highly erotic and wouldn’t dream of asking their women to defoliate.
Gustave Courbet was well aware of it when he painted “L’Origine du monde”.

Trends are usually started by a few rebellious individuals who don’t want to look and feel like anybody else. And fearing to be “uncool” (teenagers worse fear) fashion lemmings follows suit.
There was a time in America when every boy (and man) was sporting a crew cut. It was the manly way to express your masculinity.
Then the Beatles stormed our shores and almost overnight the boys started to grow long hair.
Monkey sees, monkey does!

Every part of the human body has a purpose and so do hair.

“Defuzzing” your armpits or your pubic area is a dopey idea in the first place and defeats the original seduction purpose.
Most sources agree that those areas have something to do with pheromones —“a chemical substance produced and released by the body that can be sexually stimulating to others.”

By shaving those areas, women (or men) eliminate that scent and ruin the original seduction purpose.

“Pubic hair removal also irritates and inflames the hair follicles left behind, leaving microscopic open wounds.
When that irritation is combined with the warm moist environment of the genitals, it becomes a happy culture medium for some of the nastiest of bacterial pathogens.”

Philosophically I am against deforestation. It is bad for the environment and bad for humanity.

If you’ve got it, don’t shave it! Flaunt it!


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