2017 Most Improved Player

Most everybody has seen her or played with her. She is difficult to miss. Due to some medical impairment, she is socially awkward, but she has proved to be a genuine pétanque aficionado. She practices almost daily and has tremendously improved her game.

When she started to come to the field, she was way off the mark and many people showed little inclination to play with her. But her dedication to the game and hours of practice paid off.

She is now surprising many with her pointing skills. Instead of being a hindrance she has become an asset to her teammates, and her almost childish delight after delivering a good shot is touching and heartwarming.

Pétanque has also helped to transform her from a bashful, withdrawn individual to a more confident human being. She was once reluctant to any physical contact, but she now demands a peck on the cheek when meeting somebody.

So, for all the above and other varied reasons, I nominate Susan Wyatt MIP (most improved player) of the year.

When you see her, let her know how much you appreciate her newfound confidence and ability.

Three hearty cheers for Susan! Rah rah rah!

Happy holidays everyone! Joyeux Noël and Bonne Année a tous!

Papa Noël

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