Short story

He is short… about 3 feet from head to toe, but don’t let this small detail fool you. It is said that dynamite comes in small packages” and spending a week with a grandchild can be a volatile affair.
It is a very TALL order to babysit a short kid.

He may look like an angel, but this cherub-faced imp is Beelzebub in disguise. Barely two and a half, this kid has a short fuse… and a long memory. If he does not get his way, he will protest, loudly.

Fortunately, like a hero of Ancient Greece he was fitted with two Achilles heels: food and cars. He can, therefore, be distracted and bribed with grub or a new toy.

He has a limited vocabulary but understands more than he lets on. His uncertain pronunciation makes him difficult to comprehend but he will righteously correct you if you misunderstand him.

He is as cute as a button and wherever he goes, this charmer projects the same charisma as a pretty girl. The bouncer will always give him an automatic pass without checking his bag. He may carry three pounds of dynamite, but his seraphic smile wards off any further inspection.
By the way, never try to take away what you give to a kid. They are absolutely intransigent about that. A deal cannot be broken!

Nowadays grandparents need a lot of stamina to keep up with grandchildren.

Children are like crazy, drunken small people in your house. Julie Bowen

 If you ever accept to take care of your grandchildren for more than 3 days, you better go through a Marines Corps fitness program before letting the little tykes invade your domain. Hand to hand combat training might also be a good idea.

But no matter how demanding this experience can be, it is also rewarding. There is nothing more gratifying than the smile of a small child.

And they are never more endearing than when they are resting in the arms of Morpheus clutching their security blanket.


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