Are you a MIP, a MOP or a MUP?

We live in a word of acronyms and if you don’t want to pass for a fool, it is important to understand what these funny sounding words mean.

For instance, everybody has seen or heard the word NASCAR but very few people know exactly what it stands for. On my first inquiry, the Internet told me that NASCAR stands for Non-Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks.
OK. Thank you Internet.

Not true?
I queried the Internet again and this time it told me that NASCAR stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.
I don’t know what to believe anymore.

I trust the Internet with my life. This is my Bible, my holy book, my Tripitaka. I trust it more than any person I know.

The other day, out of curiosity, I checked the word Trump.
The Internet said a trump card is a decisive or advantageous move, resource, action, or a fine or reliable person.
Fine and dandy, but the Internet hasted to add that Trump in British slang means “to expel intestinal gas through the anus”.
What is a guy to believe? Personally I fancy the British definition.

In our little club, unbeknown to many we have a MIP, a MUP and a MOP.

Some people thought that MIP stood for Minor In Possession, but it also means Most Improved Player.
MUP sometimes means Master of Urban Planning but it also stands for Most Unpretentious Player.

 What about MOP? Mother of Pearl?
Niet. MOP stands for Most Objectionable Player.

Now the big question is: who at La Pétanque Marinière is the MIP, the MOP and the MUP?

IMG_1118To me, the MIP is without question Henry Wessel. Since he joined our club almost 4 years ago he has improved tremendously and has become one of the most proficient player of our organization.
Congratulations Henry!

In my always-partial opinion, the MUP is Charlie Davantes. An indefatigable worker who never toots his horn.
You are my kind of guy bro!

I won’t tell you who the MOP is. You do it.
Let’s see if we concur.


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