Loud talkers

“Those with very loud voices in their throats are nearly incapable of thinking subtle thoughts.” Friedrich Nietzsche

Some individuals are known to speak with loud unsettling voices… and they often seem to be unaware (?) of the irritation that it can cause.

This particular habit is not gender specific; both men and women can be equally afflicted with this disorder. Medically, it is categorized as an STD (Socially Transmitted Disease) and it can be dangerously catchy.

Does this condition stem from insecurity? It could very well be. Confident people don’t have to raise their voices to convey a message. Insecure people, on the other hand, might feel compelled to do so to be noticed.

If you speak calmly and articulate clearly, there is no need to be loud. As a matter of fact, a person speaking in a normal tone of voice carries more sway than a loud talker. A soft-spoken dictator like Bashar al-Assad can be scarier than a screaming maniac like Adolf Hitler.

It is difficult to confront loud individuals without creating a noisy disturbance.
The best solution would be to separate people into two distinct groups: the “loud speakers” and the “soft speakers”.
Restaurants, in particular, should lead the way. They already have “no smoking” areas… why not create “no-shouting areas”?

But ultimately, to counter a loud talker’s racket you will have to match his firepower. Counter his noise level with an equal or superior decibel grade.
I can picture a tiny mobile amplifier that would treble your voice’s level on command. When incommoded by a pesky loud talker, you would open fire with your own “loud voice” to neutralize or silence the opposition.
I think that this could work.

What do you think? I would like to know where you stand on this noisy issue.


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