A cat called Calvin

A cat called Calvin has been wandering in our neighborhood. He is extremely friendly and runs to our front door whenever he hears a car coming. He then meows rather loudly and seems to be asking for food.
But such is not the case. He barely nibbles on my offerings and meows some more. It appears that Calvin is lonely and looking for affection and possibly a new home.

Normally I would welcome him to our quarters, but our house is “chasse gardée” (private hunting ground), the exclusive preserve of Kate, our own cat. Kate, under a distinguished appearance, is fiercely territorial and throws screaming fits whenever another critter approaches our house.
She is definitely not a Good Samaritan and does not show any inclination to share our dwelling with another no-good vagabond cat. Reasoning with her has proved useless.

Calvin personal history is murky. I originally thought that he lived in the house next door, but then (through our neighborhood association) I was told that its owner moved away and left him behind. Unthinkable!
Then I was told again that its owner is alive and well but not excessively concerned about Calvin. In any case, Calvin is wearing a collar but without any identification tag.

I am wondering what could be done to make Kate like accept tolerate Calvin?
Calvin is affectionate while Kate is rather aloof. She is like a demanding mistress, taxing but rather miserly with her affection. Regardless of the situation she never purrs.
Calvin, on the other hand, is a prince of a cat, begging for love and more than willing to return it. Huge dilemma!

Kate is better looking (and she knows it) than Calvin, but Calvin is much more sociable than our beast. Kate might be willing to accept a kitten (that she could boss), but sharing her quarters with an interloper is totally out of the question.

What is a cat lover to do?


After scolding one’s cat, one looks into its face and is seized by the ugly suspicion that it understood every word. And has filed it for reference.Charlotte Gray

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