A brood of hens

I have often been amazed (and disturbed I must say) by the amount of noise generated by a brood of cackling women.

I don’t know if it is only me, but it seems that the “weaker sex” grows stronger (and louder) when assembling with their sorority sisters.
We once came across such group in a restaurant, and they were so noisy that I mentioned it to my wife.
Those must be single women, my wife remarked.
Why, did I ask?
After they marry they don’t laugh anymore.

Is that so? Interesting remark… but not necessarily true.

Group-of-women-copy-1352121711I have seen and heard women of different ages and social statuses generate as much noise as a pack of rowdy teenagers.
What prompts these (normally demure?) women to behave like frat boys on Spring Break?
Is it the exhilaration generated by the absence of a male figure?
Or the sense of entitlement brought to the fore by the “bra burning” movement?
Is it some kind of exhibitionistic display?

Je ne sais pas… but I would like to know.

Men are naturally loud (and obnoxious) but why would ladies behave like drunken sailors when in a group?
And what could be done to tone down those noisy gatherings?

When dealing with “the gentler sex” you have to be extremely careful because as the Bard said:
“Hell hath no fury like an angered woman”

But, would garlic and a crucifix help?
Should Animal Control be summoned?
Could Mace be used?

I understand that there are more pressing problems than this kind of environmental pollution, but a remedy for this type of nuisance would be welcome and would sell extremely well.

Alain La Foudre


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