When life catches up with you

“Nothing happens by chance, by fate. You create your own fate by your own actions.”

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The idea of karma always appealed to me.
Karma as I understand it, keeps track of a person’s deeds and records everything in a big accounting ledger in the sky.
So always keep in mind that your actions, whether good or bad, will have consequences.

dog-bite-teethI often imagine karma as a big shaggy dog snoozing in the shade.
He has a keen hear and a very sensitive nose, even when he seems to be sleeping. He is very patient, but if some people try to camouflage some inconvenient truths, this big hound is very likely to sink his teeth in their derrière.

That’s why so many people are recusing themselves from pursuing a political career.
The rattling noise or the smell of hidden skeletons might wake up Karma and as the saying goes, it is better to let sleeping dogs lie.
Skeletons you see, feel very uncomfortable in the limelight.

It is definitely a bad idea for public figures, criminals, or politicians to seek higher office if they have something to hide.
The vetting process (or pesky journalists) will most probably unearth some long forgotten misdeeds and force them to beat a hasty retreat.
They then will quit running “to devote more time with their families”.

Some people (like former Nazis) have managed to camouflage their past and keep their shady or criminal deeds in the past.
It is ambition that usually brings them down.
When they seek higher office the harsh glare of public scrutiny shines on them and unmask them. And they are often unable to keep the lid on the sometimes-putrid smell of their past actions.

A few years ago an Austrian man named Kurt Waldheim who had a successful military and political career was suddenly accused of being a war criminal.
Although he strenuously denied it, throughout his term as President (1986–1992), Kurt Waldheim and his wife Elisabeth were officially deemed ”persona non grata” by the United States.”

Similarly, the Donald  who was always thought (or promoted himself) to be an astute businessman is suddenly revealed as an ignorant, unscrupulous blowhard.

So watch what you do or say. If you don’t you might wake up Karma and his big teeth at the most inopportune moment.


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