The power of images

Once in a while, when my blog’s ratings are sagging (yes it sometimes happens), I grab my cameras and go hunting.
I don’t stalk animals mind you. I love the critters too much to do such abhorring thing.

IMG_4189When I hunt, I pursue images; I creep like a ninja toward my intended prey and silently do the deed.
To me, a good photograph is always a candid snapshot: when the subject is not aware of the proceedings.
The minute the wind shifts and the target gets aware of my presence everything changes. The subject freezes and becomes a different person.

The minute I  post pictures on my site, the vertical bar of my popularity graph shoots straight up proving that nobody can resist the lure of a good photograph. It is often the hook that attracts hesitant readers.

People are basically curious, and no matter how good a story, the picture is what coaxes people to read the accompanying story.
A good tale can bring about some comments but a good picture can generate a storm.

Napoleon supposedly said: a good sketch is better than a long speech.
I have no doubt that if he were living today the Corsican Fiend would be running around carrying a camera around his neck.

If you have ever logged into a dating site, the first thing you would look for would be the photograph of the postulant. No matter what the person would say about himself/herself the picture is always the deal clincher.

I believe that if Trump changed his haircut (switch to a crew-cut or a Mohawk) and kept his mouth tightly shut he would vastly improve his dismal ratings.
It is the mop man, the hair!

Somebody said “Once photography enters your bloodstream, it is like a disease.”
I agree.
I was infected a long time ago and even though it is a serious disorder I have learned to live with it, even enjoy it.

Next time you visit my site, take a leisurely walk through my “pic patch”. I think that you will like it.


PS: Warning: when you least expect it, you could be the target of a candid shot.

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