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When snapping a picture, a seasoned photographer usually has some specific goals in mind.

Louis Toulon

I have been a shutterbug for quite some time now, and over the years my priorities have evolved. I Initially took pictures to commit people and places to memory. The shots were in black and white and nothing mattered but to capture entire bodies and faces.

As time went by, I acquired a better understanding of photography and I started to focus more sharply on specific details.

Nowadays I am mainly interested in catching candid pictures of animals or people. What matters to me now, are unposed, spontaneous reactions to unfolding events.

When taking pétanque photos for instance, I want to capture the emotions, the tears, the smiles of the people involved in this sport. Passionate moments are fleeting and you need to be prepared to catch them during the microseconds when it happens. I feel that these pictures are genuine and compelling.

Some people rarely show any emotion, even when engaged in some exciting physical activity; due to this stoic characteristic they unfortunately become less attractive to me. I want to catch a lion when it roars, not when it snoozes.

Facial expressions and body language are now what interest me. If you are a sensitive person, your face, your moves will mirror your inner emotions.

A picture is only interesting to me when it shows passion. A lifeless posed picture is a “nature morte” (still life) thus much less captivating than an “action shot”.

The objective of this collection is therefore to show candid, emotional pictures mirroring people’s inner feelings while engaged in an exciting activity.


Please watch this collection.
PS: If enough people are interested I might turn these pictures into a book…

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