A new look

Here we are. A new look!
After countless hours of intensive labor, the site of Le Cochonnet Marin has morphed into a blog.
The old website is still on line, but all new entries will be posted on this blog until I decide whether to continue with this format or go back to the website format.

I am watching you!

The basic difference between a blog and a website is that on a website the main page and all the other pages contain static information.
On a blog, the front page constantly changes. New entries will show up in a chronological order and the last post will appear on top of all the other entries.
On blogs (at least on majority of blogs) visitors can leave comments and interact with the “blogger”; this can be very helpful to the blogger in determining what to put on his site.

I like the look and the feel of the blog, but it has a few inconveniences.
Posting new entries is cumbersome and labor intensive. Inserting text and images require more steps and is more time consuming than the website format.
This program also lacks a variety of fonts to choose from, but altogether I think that this blog looks sleeker and more contemporary than the website!
I’ll let you judge.

I am trying to keep this site simple and uncluttered. A blog needs to remain spartan because after a while it can become untidy and difficult to navigate.
By the way, if you get lost while navigating, click on the “Home” button to bring you back to the “home page”.

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions. They can be very helpful to me.
When you leave a comment you will be asked to leave your name and e-mail address and whether you would like to be notified of new posts via e-mail. If you agree, you will be automatically notified of a new post.

Keep in mind that this site is a work in progress and that it will evolve as time goes by. I rely on my readers to let me know what they would like to see, and what could to be changed or improved.

Don’t forget to “bookmark” this site https://cochonnetmarin.com in order to easily get back to it.

Thank you for your attention.



2 thoughts on “A new look”

  1. Hi Alain,

    I like the blog format because your stuff will always be available, as opposed to the previous ‘whats new’ format which was only available until you made a new ‘whats new’ page.

    Pity that your new format is more tedious to put up. I do hope that you stick to the new format.


  2. Alain,

    I like this blog format much more and is visually easier on the eyes. You may want to suggest that readers can also “subscribe” to the blog as an alternative to bookmarking it.
    I plan on subscribing to this blog and putting it on my own blog’s “Blogroll.”

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