Our man in Napa

Jean-Claude Etallaz, a well-known member of our community suddenly disappeared a few months ago, and some crazy rumors started flying about his whereabouts.

According to some sources, Jean-Claude had enlisted in the Ukrainian army and was fighting in Bakhmut. Some other individuals mentioned to me that he was seeking enlightenment in an Indian ashram. A few more even hinted that Jean-Claude was hiding from the Mob in Punta Cana

Today, I want to debunk all these crazy rumors by letting you know that our man is well and alive (although minus 30 lbs.) and resting somewhere in Napa Valley.

Jean-Claude’s saga is hard to believe but is nevertheless true. Almost a year ago, he started to experience intense itching on his entire body. He went through numerous tests, and MRIs without ever being told precisely what the source of his problem was.

“Physicians do a lot for a patient when they give his disease a name.”

It is difficult to believe that in the 21st century, doctors would be incapable to determine the cause of one’s suffering. Finally, desperate for a cure, he started to do some research on the Internet and was able to put the doctors on the right track. They started a new treatment and Jean-Claude is now feeling (and looking) much better. He is pain-free and walks around the facility when he gets a little restless.

He is sharing a room with an old dude who is stone-deaf and likes to watch old black-and-white series like The Honeymooners or the Andy Griffiths Show. Nothing wrong with this, except that due to his hearing decrepitude, the old guy is blasting the show several decibels above the danger zone. A rather difficult roommate…

But the good news is that our man in Napa is going to go home in about a week and will continue his life-saving treatment in the serenity of his home.

I always believed, and I am hoping that visiting a friend who is ailing is a morale booster that helps to heal someone faster.

In any case, Jean-Claude is feeling better, and we all hope to see him soon where he naturally belongs, on our playing field.