Sex for dummies

“Sex is… perfectly natural. It’s something that’s pleasurable. It’s enjoyable and it enhances a relationship. So why don’t we learn as much as possible about it and become comfortable with ourselves as sexual human beings because we are all sexual?” Sue Johanson

I am a big fan of YouTube. I discovered that anytime I am confronted by a problem or a technical question, I could turn to that site for an answer. And 95% of the time, through various instructional videos, I am shown how to solve my problem.

YouTube is a well of knowledge. People from all walks of life show you how to do almost anything and many of the lecturers are women; it seems that they have taken the lead in shedding light on the mystique of sex. If you are in the dark, or fuzzy about any sexual practice, be it foreplay or oral sex, they will painstakingly describe and clarify how those things should be done.

No subject is taboo, and it is refreshing to finally hear out loud what has been whispered for years by prudish and inhibited people. In the eyes of the religious establishment, sex was only meant for procreation. But you cannot spend a lifetime procreating… you need some entertainment and le café du pauvre is the cheapest and most satisfying kind of pleasure.

“Is sex dirty? Only when it’s being done right.”— Woody Allen

There is a big difference between procreation and recreation and the techniques are widely different. Procreation could be equated with planting potatoes; it is a simple and straight operation that does not require much learning. Recreation, on the other hand, demands much more imagination and specific knowledge of human anatomy.

But even if you are totally ignorant of some of the Kama Sutra teachings, don’t despair, YouTube is there. Its priestesses are online 24h a day and eager to enlighten you.

I daresay that instead of catechism, many people would be better off and better prepared for life if exposed to the Joy of Sex in their formative years.

“There’s a reason why God designed our bodies so that, when we lie down in bed, our hands naturally come to rest on our genitals.” Caitlin Moran

But YouTube is not exclusively a sex workshop. I query that site for news about the Ukrainian conflict, politics, tour videos, educational/tutorial videos, cooking recipes, product reviews, movie reviews, music videos, prank videos, babies, animal videos, etc.

If you don’t know how to do something (a Covid test for example), I advise you to turn to YouTube first.


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