Happy day are here again…


The day after the atmospheric river cyclone left town, I took a quick ride to our pétanque field to assess the damage. It looked impressively bad…

Initially I saw large pools of water everywhere and tons of dead leaves littering the entire field. At first glance, it looked like it would take weeks to clean up the mess… but today, I proclaim that happy day are here again… yesterday, under a bright springlike sunshine the field looked pristine and eminently inviting. And about 10 or 12 pétanque devotees were already taking advantage of this development.

Some good fairies no doubt took pity on us and came during the night to clean up the mess. This is what I have been telling our grandchildren, but I am not entirely sure that they believe me. And the little munchkins are right…The truth is that under the impulse of our Commander in Chief (Christine C), some dedicated volunteers tackled the problem almost immediately after the storm decamped.

I didn’t help, sorry. My back is still uncooperative and does not allow me to do any manual labor. I keep hoping that this problem is just temporary and will eventually be resolved. I am not one bit religious (my denomination is non-Delusional) but I have faith in my doctor, his magic injections, and his anti-spasm medication. Time will tell.

My undercover agents are telling me though that Mike O’Leary, Sandra and Mark Shirkey, Christopher,  Christine Cragg, Charlie, Jacques Gautier, Colin, Loel, Abby and Shama were instrumental in restoring the field to its present status. Thanks and kudos to all of them!

Yes, happy day are here again…


Our next tournament of the year (November 14) is fast approaching, and weather permitting, it should be well attended. Personally, I always enjoyed playing in the winter; I almost prefer it rather than playing under a scorching sun. Those of us who went to Napa a few weeks ago will surely agree…

If you intend to play on Saturday or Sunday (Halloween), don’t dress up too scarily. Some players have a weak heart and might not be able to stand the stress. Thinking about it… some people are naturally scary…

George M. Cohan said: “Always Leave Them Laughing When You Say Goodbye.”
So here goes:

“What did Dracula say when the witch and the warlock started kissing? Get a broom!”

Happy Halloween boys and girls! Happy days are here again!


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