Is stupidity catching?

I keep my head in the sand…

It is hard to believe, but evidence is pointing to this direction. The stupidity virus (StuVi20) has proven to be highly contagious and difficult to contain.

Unlike the Covid bug though, it does not physically hinder those affected. It is rarely lethal, but those contaminated by it usually experience a net slow-down of their mental faculties. It takes noticeably longer for them to process and absorb new facts and figures.

“The two most common elements in the world are hydrogen and stupidity.” Anonymous

Unlike Covid-19, the stupidity bug seems to affect the intellect rather than any other parts of the human body. This disorder seems to be a tribal phenomenon that strikes some families, political and religious affiliations groups, or people living in small, isolated communities.

Covid-19 has proven to be beatable for people whose brain has been spared by the stupidity virus; but for the so-called “dissenters”, it will be a long arduous road ahead. It is difficult to get rid of some thoughts when everybody around you seems to share the same beliefs.

“Obstinacy and vehemency in opinion are the surest proof of stupidity.” Bernard Barton

For some people, fellowship is very important and breaking away from the pack is always difficult. It probably feels like an Amish youngster trying to escape from his rigid environment.

It takes pluck to disagree with your clan, and few people have the nerves to do that. But some children, not yet contaminated by the stupidity virus, used their brains to think for themselves and opted to throw in their lot with doctors and scientists.  They might in turn convince their parents to abandon the church of ignorance and join the cult of reason.

But no matter what, virus or no virus, some people are born stupid and will remain stupid until the Saint-Glinglin.

“Feeling pretty proud of myself. The puzzle I bought said 3-5 years, but I finished it in 18 months.”

I told you so!


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