Internet harassment

Harassment, like Covid-19, is more virulent than ever. And it is not a hoax.
The Internet used to be a pleasant place to visit, but not so much anymore. Now, anytime you get there, you will be subjected to relentless harassment.
It will feel like visiting a Mexican resort town; you will be accosted every 5 minutes by somebody who wants to sell you something.

No matter what you are looking for, after a few minutes of browsing, an ad will pop up and beseech you. And it is more insistent than a political fundraiser. Sometimes browsing the Internet feels like being solicited by a “sporting woman”. No matter how you look, the lady wants your business. But at least, she is nicer and not as pushy as the Internet pimp.

Television used to be a provider of news… Today it is nothing more than a pipeline for commercials… The news is lost in a flood of noisy promotions. The industry is behaving like a business on its last leg, trying to squeeze out a few more bucks before closing down. Greed will eventually kill the Golden Goose.

The public is increasingly turning to the Internet for information. But every news outlet now wants you to “subscribe”. “To continue reading, please sign up.”
Every Tom Dick and Harry want your precious address, but I don’t want to divulge it too easily. It is not for public consumption. Too many people are already privy to my address and sending me unwanted junk. Basta!

Harassment is not something new. It is an old American institution. Women have been subjected to it for a long time and they are finally fighting back. Good for them. But it is not only a women’s problem. It is a universal problem, and everybody should rebel against any aggressive pressure.

Most of the people don’t respond well to cyberbullying. It is counterproductive, and it will drive customers away instead of attracting them. In the future, they will steer clear of sites where they are being harassed.

There is a world of difference between seduction and harassment. Seduction is a synonym for the act of charming someone. Harassment means to torment, annoy, bother.
On the Internet or anywhere else, I want to be charmed, not tormented.

 If you want to entice, fondle instead of going against the grain. Use a “patte de velours” (velvet paw) instead of bare claws.


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