A strange night

Last night I was walking by a school’s soccer field and I stopped to watch a game. After a while, somebody asked me if I wanted to play and I eagerly agreed. In my school days, even though I was of small stature, I was nimble and often able to infiltrate our opponents’ defenses.

So, I walked on the field and after a few minutes, I went on the offensive. I was fantastically efficient. I managed to pierce the enemy’s defenses, and for a few brief seconds, I came within a few yards from the opponents’ goalkeeper. From my position, I could clearly see where I should drive the ball… to the left corner… I gave a mighty kick… and fell out of bed!
After my wife picked me up, it took me a few seconds to realize what had happened.

Last night was a strange one indeed. It was hot, humid, oppressive… but after midnight I managed to go to sleep. But my slumber was not a peaceful one. All kinds of strange things happened, but it took it all in stride. No matter what, you cannot steer a dream. It will take you where it wishes. What goes on in your brain while you are sleeping is still a mystery that scientists are still trying to elucidate.

Suddenly the sky lit up and the gods (who must be darned tired of us) let us know of their displeasure. They repeatedly threw their lightning bolts at us while loudly sounding their drums. You humans, better behave… or else!
My cat who likes to wander during the night was nowhere to be seen.

This strange turn of events reminded me of a French song called “Les loups sont entrés dans Paris.” (“The wolves have entered Paris.”)

“What if it was a night
As we have not known since,
For a hundred thousand nights.
A night of iron, a night of blood,
One night, a dog howls.”

 For now, it seems that packs of wolves are roaming the countryside, ready to invade and pillage our cities. They come out at night, like the marauding brigands of yesteryear.

 “Attracted by the smell of blood
There came a thousand and a hundred
Carousing, jubilation and bombance
In this damn country of France
Until the men found
Love and brotherhood …”

 Love and brotherhood are sorely missing right now. Increasing street confrontations remind me of pre-World War II Germany. They wanted a strong man to reestablish law and order, and they got him.

It just cost the modest sum of 85 million casualties.


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