The changing image of masks

“Most lives are spent putting on and taking off masks.” ~ Gore Vidal

Mask by Tamara

Lately, wearing a mask has been both applauded and reviled. For a long time, this garment was a symbol of deceit and dishonesty. But forget the evil once associated with it; it is now seen as a sign of civility and thoughtfulness. Today everybody is encouraged to wear one.

This life-saving measure has supporters and opponents… as well as some shortcomings. In this strange country of ours, despite the evident danger presented by a deadly virus, there is no unanimity. Many opponents strangely advance their “rights” to disagree… with science and common wisdom. It is like refusing to believe that our planet is a rotating sphere, or that the Holocaust ever happened.
But their stubborn “alternative facts” also clash with the “rights” of millions of others.

On the downside though, a face reflects a person’s inner emotions… It lets people know how you feel. With a face half-hidden, it becomes impossible to read these feelings… and it is disconcerting, especially upon meeting a stranger.

But the clear benefits of wearing a mask far outweigh this inconvenience. The “individualists” bent on going mask-free not only endanger their own lives (and we don’t give a hoot about that) but the lives of many people in their surroundings.

If everybody abided by some basic rules, this pandemic could be reasonably controlled. But one single bad apple can quickly spoil the rest of the barrel.

Masks have always been controversial. The main question is“why would a person trying to hide his/her identity?” I found a good answer to this concern:

“There are surgeons who probably wear a mask so as not to be recognized by their victims.”

 In that case, many politicians (like public executioners from the past) ought to wear a mask to conceal their dark deeds.

It has just been announced that Russia is the first country to register a coronavirus vaccine. That is good news, but like every bit of information coming from China or Russia, it should be viewed with reservations.
The results of Phase 3 trials have not been completely tabulated and there is no proof that this vaccine is safe and effective.

In the meantime, wearing a mask is a cheap and convincing way to combat this plague. Please cover up your face!


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