Anticipation is keeping me waiting…

Life is a long series of anticipations… The excitement of waiting for a critical event to materialize.

Significant occasions are always eagerly looked for. For me, one of the earliest and most anticipated life occurrences was the completion of my military obligations. Until 1996, every young man in France was compelled to fulfill his “service militaire” before being able to get on with his life.

The time served in the armed forces varied, depending on France’s foreign involvement. For my part, I  served 28 months (852 days), a very long dark tunnel to my discharge date. It finally came, around Christmas 1962, and it was the best gift ever. Like being reborn… or being released from a mental institution.

Anticipation is a gift… like a lighthouse’s beam guiding you through a stormy night.

After a rather difficult year, I now anticipate the end of 2020 with great trepidation. Starting in November, some earthshaking events will occur in quick succession.

“Finally, after more than a year of unprecedented anticipation, the talking stops and the cricket begins.” ~ Jonathan Agnew

On November 3rd, we will have our presidential election. A long-awaited event with all the drama that it entails. America is currently cracking at the seams, and a great majority of citizens are yearning for drastic changes.
In Washington, the perennial swamp that was to be drained years ago is still there. The persistent foul smell emanating from the Casa Blanca makes that situation unsustainable. The nation is ardently praying for the coming of a new Messiah.
It has been said that the present pugnacious tenant might refuse to leave his bunker… he might have to be removed manu militari.

Another highly anticipated event might happen before the year is over. I have heard very encouraging news about the possibility of having a Covid-19 vaccine ready and available by Christmas.
If this happens, I am willing to forsake Christmas gifts for at least ten years… and I am pretty sure that millions of people would like nothing better than to (temporarily) close Santa’s shop.

The 3rd event (no anticipation) is my birthday. On January 6 (the Epiphany) I will add another year to my long list of achievements? Lately, I have tried to cancel birthdays, but like uninvited guests, they keep coming back year after year.
To cheer me up, some friends have told me that I am not getting older… I am just increasing in value.

I feel better… I think.


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