The fatal attraction of explosive devices

Explosive devices are dangerous and can be lethal… but few people seem to care. Today, they are owned by many, obviously unaware of its destructive power.

It is well known that danger creates a rush of adrenaline that increases blood circulation and breathing. Some people, like bungee jumpers or racecar drivers, thrive on this condition and crave it. It adds spice to sometimes dull and boring lives.

In the hands of an expert, explosive devices are relatively safe, but when handled by rookies, they can generate a great amount of destruction. These contraptions used to be cumbersome, difficult to hide. But no more. Today, they are small, light, easy to conceal, and readily available. They are even seen in some children’s hands.

If you own a gun, you ought to take certain precautions… Like severely restricting its access. A weapon is something highly personal that should only be handled by its owner… And so, should smartphones.

Yes, these cute little gadgets ARE dangerous explosive devices. They are rightfully protected by a password that should not be shared with anyone.
You might not even think of it, but your smartphone contains many personal and intimate details that could embarrass or even compromise you. Every call or every message that you send can later be used against you.

And then, a romantic relationship comes into play. The BIG question is: should your significant other have access to your phone and its data? Some people are very amorous (possessive?) and want to know everything about you, especially when you are away. Is it a good thing? I am not so sure…

Forbidden romances are always exposed by your trusted iPhone. This device does not care about your secrets, it just processes and preserves them. If there is suspicion in a household, watch out! smartphones will be hunted and tortured until they confess.

No matter how tight your relationship, you are entitled to some privacy. A little bit like going to the bathroom… you don’t need to share this experience (unless you are a pervert) with anybody.

In other words, let sleeping dogs/explosive devices lie. If you absolutely don’t have to, your companion’s smartphone is off-limits. It is his/her private place and it should not be tampered with.

But if you are an adrenaline junkie, go for it… and watch the fireworks.


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