I want to live in a Commercial World

I want to live in a “Commercial World” … like the one you observe every day on television.
In this enchanted tale, everybody is good looking, friendly, smiling, considerate, helpful, accommodating, color blind, politically correct, and every mother’s son unconditionally loves you.

It is my Holy Grail and I have been on a crusade to find it and to infiltrate this world. I know that it exists, but locating it has proved difficult. After much research, I have come to the conclusion that the Commercial World is a secret society, similar to the Freemasons.

Like every hush-hush organization, its members use a secret handshake to greet each other, and I have been on the lookout trying to spot that gesture. Why do you think that I always carry a camera?
But the damn pandemic has thrown a wrench in my plans. Nobody shakes hands anymore… Curse that virus!

In a Commercial World, there are no tears and no sorrow. There is not even a word to describe that. It is a Disneyworld for adults. Bankers will lend give you money, car dealers will beg you to accept a free car, and lawyers will put their lives on the line for you.

Like many secret societies, the Commercial World provides many perks. Some crucially important.
A long time ago I read a story dealing with this subject. The event took place during the 1870 Franco-German war. A French prisoner was about to be shot when he flashed the Freemason sign. The German officer in charge of the firing squad (who was himself a Freemason) immediately stopped the execution and released him.

Nothing has changed. Recently, some despicable felons were sentenced to lengthy prison terms. They repeatedly flashed the secret sign and the Grand Master of the Lodge instantly pardoned them.

The Commercial World is an arena where everything is easy. The arduous task of finding a suitable mate for instance is child play.
Boy meets girl. She flashes a wide smile showing gleaming teeth. The young man is instantly smitten. He falls on one knee and puts a ring on the girl’s finger. She accepts enthusiastically.
I have seen this happening a thousand times on TV and I absolutely believe that it is gospel truth.

I suspect that some of our club members belong to the Commercial World. They are polite, friendly and smile a lot… even when they lose. This is definite proof that they belong to a parallel world.

My search is not over. It might take time, but I am dedicating my life to penetrate the wondrous Commercial World.


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