Know who your heroes are

True heroes do not beat their own drum… others do it for him. But sometimes they are so discreet that they need “un coup de pouce” (a helping hand) to inform the public at large.

Mike O’Leary

I am using my own big thumb to let you know what happened today at our pétanque court. After my (semi) daily constitutional, I drove to the field to greet the numerous volunteers who were expected to come and help to clean our neglected courts.

The anticipated mob alas did not materialize, but 4 work heroes showed up to tackle the job. They were John-Philippe Wyek, Charles Davantes, Tamara Efron and Mike O’Leary.

They did a superb job on the frontcourts and it looks like they are ready to be played on. The backcourts need a little more work but unusual help has already been used and is expected again.

If you were caught jumping a subway turnstile, shoplifting, driving under the influence, or possessing marijuana. for instance, you might be sentenced to do some community service. And working in parks, planting flowers, or pulling weeds is an option.

So, I have been told that the County already agreed to such an arrangement, and that the rest of the cleaning is going to be done by the same people. A win-win situation for all. I think that pulling weeds is definitely more pleasant than spending a few days rotting in jail.

It looks like by Saturday or Sunday we will be able to come to the field and engage in some greatly needed social and physical activity.

Our president Christine Cragg has already communicated  the needed requirements to participate in any game to all.
Social distancing and mask wearing are not optional. They are mandatory!

“No hugging, kissing, or handshaking before or after games.
Players will sign once a “Conditions of Play Statement” before playing. (For acknowledgment of safety rules and contact information for contact tracing if necessary.)

They will also log the date each time they play.”

 Please let our heroes know how much you appreciate their help.


A few pictures are available at the regular spot.

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