Howling at the moon

Howling is an old ancestral practice that goes back to the dawn of time. It was long used by animals (primarily Canidae) to communicate with each other.

In the past though, especially if you lived in an urban area, you wouldn’t hear much of it. But howling is making a serious comeback. Spurred by some activists, this custom is returning and can now be heard every night in some neighborhoods… especially after hearing the nightly news.

Sometimes you just have to howl… and women (who are more vocal than men) have known this for a long time. Long before the Coronavirus crisis started, you could hear some of them howling in the night:
“I don’t have anything to wear… woooo”

And another woman would respond:
“He never wants to have sex… woooo”

A third one would join the chorus:
“He never remembers my birthday… woooo”

So actually, the howling inclination is not something new. It has always been there, but not as widely practiced as today.

The idea of howling with some people appeals to me, but I don’t know how my conservative neighbors would react to this pulsion. Today, everybody is on edge… with an itchy finger on the trigger… Would they call the cops? Or shoot me? Everything is possible in our Disunited States…
I am still considering the idea!

I would feel a little more comfortable howling with my friends.
Last Thursday I invited 5 club members to a Zoom meeting and it would have been fun to do it… a kind of virtual high-five… but unfortunately, some people didn’t attend and I was only left with congenial Brigitte M.
The idea then skipped my mind because to howl properly, we need to be a few.

But I have not totally abandoned the idea. I will try this again at our next meeting. By the way, if you interested in participating in a Zoom meeting let me know.
I have heard that these gatherings can be a howling success (I could not resist this one) and are uplifting everybody’s mood.

Ta ta for now, and cover your mouth with a mask.



By the way Tamara is occupying herself with sewing face masks  If you would like to get some, please get in touch with me.

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