Imaginative confinement

Confinement, like it or not, is presently compulsory. But this state of affairs is not for the highly-strung… unless you already have jail time experience.

The main problems with this predicament are the twin brothers called Boredom and Restlessness. We humans (and wild animals alike) are not used to remain inactive for long periods. We need to periodically exercise mind and body.

As a child, when I visited a zoo, I often reflected and empathized with the caged animals. In those days, out of ignorance, these poor creatures were unfortunately treated without any compassion, especially the big cats. Now, most of the zoos do a better job, but nobody should remain in permanent confinement.

To stay fully functional, living creatures need to periodically occupy brains and brawn.

You are in a better position to tackle confinement if you have a hobby. Any hobby, to take your mind off the present, lasting and depressing situation.

Besides boobtubing and reading, writing, chess, Scrabble, cleaning, sex, cooking, calling friends (through Zoom), rearranging your living space are good recreational activities.
But vary your projects; do not spend more than a few hours on the same activity… it could be taxing, especially when engaged in pata-pata (South African).

I try to be as multitasking as possible. During the day, I shred old documents, write, catch a bit of news, rearrange a room, add a few sentences to a story, go to the bathroom, go for a walk, take occasional pictures, bicker with my wife, etc.

You need to be creative (and I will one more time refute our president), be prepared for a long siege. This damn virus is a tough customer and will not leave on its own. It will have to be fought intelligently and kicked out manu-militari.

In the meantime

Researchers worldwide (including tiny but tech-savvy Israel) are racing with time to create an antidote or a vaccine to neutralize the beast.
When this happens and confinement is finally lifted, there will be an explosion of joy similar (maybe even bigger) to the announcement of the end of World War II in Europe.
And I hope to be there… with all of you.

In the meantime, keep busy, wash your hands, retain social distances and be damn grateful to all the medical professionals who are risking their lives to save the world.

Lots of hugs and virtual kisses!


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