We are all in the same boat

I usually wake up around 6:30 am and turn on my TV set to take the pulse of the nation… and the world.

I am glad to see that newscasters are doing what medical authorities are preaching. They are now seating at a “social distance” from each other and showing by example what has been urged from everybody. This is a basic precaution that many people still fail to observe. Make no mistake, we are at war, and if you are not fastidiously careful there will be lots of casualties and collateral damage.

The Coronavirus is spreading and regardless of race, gender or political affiliation, we are all at risk. And by the way, I hate to disabuse you, but no amount of prayers is going to help. Places of worship don’t provide any special divine protection and should be avoided.

In Russia, some people are flocking to churches and kissing orthodox icons. Probably the worse and deadliest mistake that can be made. The authorities are trying to discourage this practice but old habits are dying hard. If you absolutely need to pray (some people do) do it silently, without touching or kissing anything.
Be mindful that kissing has become a deadly sin, punishable by death.

Talking about kissing, I read that sex workers all over the world are also feeling the pinch. Just like the stock market, their trade has taking a terrible plunge leaving a multitude of workers without income.

Workers in the sex industry say clients are canceling and strip clubs and brothels are shutting down.

 This is getting serious! Closing brothels is akin to prohibition. Regardless of the risk people will still be seeking sex. But like booze in the old days, it cannot be brought from Canada.

But everything is not lost. In dire situations, one needs to be resourceful. Sex workers have first hand experience (pun intended) of the business and can use their expertise to generate some income.

They can start a second career in erotica. They have the experience and should be able to translate it into words. This cottage industry is now flourishing and publishers and readers alike are hungry for new stories. And while doing some research, I was surprised to learn that most of the stories are written by women for women. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

We are living in crazy times… Some people are now worried that the damn Covid-19 virus could hide in men’s beards… Under Peter the Great, men were ordered to shave their beards or pay a heavy fine.

Donald the Great might order to implement this measure to show that he is taking an active part in fighting this nasty war.

Until I am proven wrong, I refuse to shave every day. I am lazy and for the next foreseeable future, I won’t have to kiss anybody.

Keep safe!


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