Supply and demand

What makes a commodity valuable? It is elementary my dear Watson: it is supply, demand and resale value.

Young Tamara

With strong demand, a rare product becomes valuable. And it is usually vanity that drives that process. By virtue of my wealth, says the well-heeled, I can acquire what most people can’t… And I do it, just to show that I can.

The best way to generate
value is to provide something lots of people want, and where you have a unique advantage in providing it

Every year our club sponsors at least 2 “mixed” (one man & one woman) tournaments. The idea sounds interesting, but due to the scarcity of female players, finding a teammate is always a struggle.

In our club, under the best circumstances, no more than 12 women are available to play. When a mixed tournament is looming on the horizon, every man scrambles to secure a partner, but there are alas few to choose from.

Necessity is the mother of invention” is an old English expression meaning that when there is a need, there can be a (lucrative) solution. And as a newborn-entrepreneur I have seen the light, and I just realized that I am holding a royal flush in my hand.

Due to her prowess on the field, my wife has become very popular and her re-sale value has increased significantly. She is very much in demand on the pétanque circuit and she is being courted by many players who would like to secure her services for a tournament.

A star does not like to taint her dainty fingers with money, so my wife has tasked me to handle her contracts and bookings. I have never been very good with money but I will try my best to accommodate her.
As her new impresario, besides taking in the money, I will also deal with costumes, backup dancers, light, and music.
I am what you might call her new Colonel Parker.

Of course, Tamara’s fees have gone up appreciably since she won the Bastille Day tournament in Sonoma. But she is still affordable.

If you are dying to shine in a tournament, give me a ring (and bring some cash). Don’t forget that to play well, a diva also needs to be wined and dined before entering the arena.
Last but not least, her trailer will also have to be well-stocked with caviar, vodka, and pickles.

But don’t be intimidated by her fame. She is still down to earth and always willing to share a good laugh with the little people.
And you won’t have to curtsy either.

Call me anytime.


2 thoughts on “Supply and demand”

  1. Do not sell Tamara short – she is every bit the Star you are claiming! However, I fear she is PRICELESS! Good luck with your auction!

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